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There is a lighthouse

our memories

Who guides us

currents paths

For the life

long crossing

The restless waters of the sea transform landscapes. Stones are carved and buried with the wind as an accomplice. Shells, which served as shelter, decorate the shore. The tide is advancing, going against human constructions, claiming the territory. Traces are erased. With each wave, the sea is different. The incessant movement of life is presented in this book as poetic fragments. Parts of an ongoing story. Affective images of imprecise space-time, blurred memories of the experiences that shaped who I am, of the relationship with the city in which I was born and alive, of my way back to the sea. In them are the boat serenely resting in the tired sun of the day, the obeisances to the queen of the waters, the moments of leisure that soothe and found thoughts, the duty and the satisfaction of the work activities. The photographs invite you to immerse yourself in the essence, to an instant of reflection about yourself.

Well, sea is time. Sea is memory.


Publisher: Artisan Raw Books

Photos: Caíque Costa

Texts: Caíque Costa

Dimension: 15 x 20 cm

Pages: 32

Printing: Offset 150 g

Publication: 6 November 2020

ISBN: 978-65-991632-8-9

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