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São Joaquim is the name of the largest street market in Salvador, city where I was born and I live actually. It was one of the first places where I practiced photography, still as a student. Grandson of a market-seller, I have few memories of the alleys where my grandfather had a bar. He sold food and drink, especially regional delicacies, such as dobradinha, rabada and sarapatel. I loved it when he cooked at family meetings in Cidade Baixa, where he still lives.

Later, my late uncle also opened a bar at the fair, next to my grandfather's. He followed the father's life path. On a visit, a gentleman who works with gambling game remembered my great-uncle. He told me that he also worked at the fair for a period with jogo do bicho. I didn't know and I ran to confirm the information with my grandparents.

Therefore, there was no way for me to photograph the fair if it weren't focused on people. In this project, the fair is shown by the face of its workers, who struggle daily to keep it alive. In the eyes of these people lies the whole history of the most traditional street fair in the city.

In the Judeo-Christian belief, Saint Joachim (São Joaquim) is the father of the Virgin Mary and grandfather of Jesus Christ.

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