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Photography was my precursor artistic language, using it to subvert the technique and common sense that considers its product as the result of a mechanical process - registration, a document related to reality. With a look inclined to capture the seascapes of large coastal cities, especially where I live, I focus on the population's relationship with the sea, allowing me to be affected by these images and all the memories they bring me.

Our memories are full of gaps, which we try to fill, consciously or unconsciously. The photographs of this project court painting, navigate through impressionism and expressionism, in a hybrid aesthetic that represents memories. The objects lose their limits, merge into its contours. The vibrant colors and the deformity caused by the restless movement of the camera dramatize the scenes, composed in order to subvert the photographic canons. The usual sharpness of the images gives rise to doubt, imprecision. The figures can be recognized - they have a direct connection with the sea - but are sometimes fragmented. The sea, the protagonist, takes most of the pictorial plane. The images invite the observer to moments of discomfort, in which the hidden memories are achivied in order to complete the unfinished work. Then, the memories of the artist and the audience converge, like two sea currents. Therefore, the art works provide new experiences and other images appear with each observation.

This work brings me closer to the sea, the experiences that made me who I am, the city where I was born and alive, my essence. Photographs encourage the public to return to themselves, to dive in the sea of memories that is.

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